May 18, 2024

Disturbance at Europa Park: Passengers evacuated – “Atlantica Super Splash” remains

View of the “Retorno dos Piratas” viewing area and the “Atlantica SuperSplash” attraction in Europa Park.

Europa Park

Europa Park's popular 'Atlantica SuperSplash' water roller coaster has malfunctioned. As a result, the passengers were taken to safety.

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  • There is a technical fault with the water roller coaster at Europa Park in Rust.
  • “Atlantica SuperSplash” stops suddenly.
  • Passengers were evacuated via stairs. No one was hurt.

Like “Blick” quoted by a reader reporter mentionedThere was another disturbance in Europe Park Roost. Accordingly, the Atlantica Super Splash water roller coaster stopped mid-ride.

According to a reader's correspondent, one passenger was quoted as saying: “The passengers were secured by staff and evacuated via the stairs.” A spokeswoman for the theme park confirmed that the ride had been disrupted. There is still no information about the cause.

Recently there was a problem at the Europa Park playground: the roller coaster suddenly rolled backwards and failed to complete the course despite repeated attempts.

Collapse at Europa Park: The roller coaster rolls backwards unplanned

Bounce fans had a lot of fun at Europa Park last week: the roller coaster was moving very slowly and rolled backwards four times in a curve. No one was hurt.

April 8, 2024

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