July 12, 2024

Discord testet neue YouTube-Integration «Watch Together»

Discord testet neue YouTube-Integration «Watch Together»

Users will soon be able to watch YouTube videos together on Discord via Watch Together. The chat service is currently testing the feature on a small scale.

The basics in brief

  • Thanks to YouTube integration, Discord users will soon be able to listen to music together again.
  • Google has previously taken legal action against music bots on the platform.
  • Discord is now testing the new feature on a small scale.

Only recently google browser Legally against two well-known music trackers In the chat service The dispute continued. But now soon again users can listen to music together on the platform.

This is the case in some Few Discord Servers I tested a new function called “Watch Together”. This enables the merging of YouTube videos, which server members can watch together.

As “The Verge” reports, the feature is similar to the current screen sharing. However, the new YouTube integration can also be used to create a playlist of videos. The job can also be controlled by different members.

especially important for google browser However, it should be: unlike the music bots “Rythm” and “Groovy”, ads are also shown with YouTube integration. Thus, the company loses due to Discord No more income.

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