June 21, 2024

Denmark will also train Ukrainian soldiers in Britain

Denmark will also train Ukrainian soldiers in Britain

Denmark wants to send 130 trainers to Britain to train Ukrainian soldiers. The country will support the British training program with its soldiers, according to a press release from the country’s Ministry of Defense.

Training of Ukrainians is also offered in Denmark. “Therefore, a dialogue has been opened with Ukraine on supporting the training of commanders and supporting the Ukrainian regional defense forces,” she added.

In 2022, the state will allocate 100 million kroner for Ukrainian military training.

Earlier, Sweden and Finland announced the participation of their soldiers in the UK training program for Ukraine.

The first group of Ukrainians arrived in Great Britain in early July. The multi-week program for inexperienced or less experienced soldiers is based on British Basic Military Training and covers weapons handling, battlefield first aid, military tactics and martial law. It is expected that up to 10,000 soldiers from Ukraine will participate in the training programme.

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