July 16, 2024

DEL: The Straubing Tigers’ home win streak is broken

DEL: The Straubing Tigers’ home win streak is broken

They were for three months The Straubing Tigers are undefeated at home in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL).. In the eleventh home match, on Boxing Day, the powerful host team from Lower Bavaria had to concede defeat to the Iserlohn Roosters. The match ended in Burj al-Baroud 3: 4.

Iserlohner “torn”

And the winning streak ends at home “even though the game was imposed on long stretches of the game,” the Tigers reported after the game. Game against Iserlohn on your website. The guests from North Rhine-Westphalia were even more torn apart in the power play.

The ice hockey match was exciting right up to the end. At the beginning of the last third it was 2: 2 initially. Straubing pushed for the opening goal. However, Iserlohn took advantage of a penalty from Lower Bavaria and got back into the game. Eric Cornell parried Ryan O’Connor’s slap shot in front of the goal – the Lower Bavaria goalkeeper could not defend it.

Once again, Coach Tom Bokel and the team put it all on one card and brought in an extra field goal for goaltender Florian Bogle with a minute and a half left on the clock. But this only led to Iserlohn’s fourth goal by Eric Cornell against the orphaned Tigers.

Tigers player Stefan Daschner brought his team back to 3:4 with fifteen seconds left in the game. But in the remaining time it is no longer enough.

Several failures in Straubing Tigers

The Straubingers currently have to make up for some losses: Benedict Cole, who was sick, missed the Tigers defense in the 35th round, as well as Hunter Miska in goal. Brandon Manning and Luke Adam also had to miss this time around. Adrian Klein was not available as he was with the national team at the Under-20 World Cup in Canada. Moreover, Grimm and Bastian Eckel were never in the Tigers squad.

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Two more games in 2022

The Straubing Tigers are ranked 4th in the table – Behind Munich, Ingolstadt Mannheim. Tom Buckel’s team will play the next game tomorrow: against Colner High. On Friday, the last home game of the year will be played in Straubing at the Gunpowder Tower. Tigers welcome polar bears from Berlin.