Switzerland defeats Finland at the World U-20 Ice Hockey Championships

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The young Swiss ice hockey team got off to an excellent start at the U-20 World Championships in Canada with a 3-2 victory after extra time.

12/26/2022 at 7:54 PM26.12.2022, 20:00

Just 41 seconds into extra time, it was Attilio Biasca, captain of the Swiss U-20 team and Canada’s junior team Halifax Mooseheads, who sealed the game. The two points against Finland, always medal contenders, didn’t go into the budget, but they were deserved.

The Swiss were behind only once, after 23 minutes and 0:1 by Konsta Kapanen. Lorenzo Canonica, who also plays in the Canadian Junior League, tied for third. SC Bern’s Jeremy Gabula showed that home work is also useful with the goals 2-1 after nearly five minutes in the final third. This lead only lasted three and a half minutes, otherwise it would have been three points.

The surprise success will have to be confirmed on Tuesday when Marco Baer’s side take on a weaker Latvian side. Another win would open the door to the target quarter-finalists.

Finland 2-3 Switzerland (0-0, 1-1, 1-1, 0-1) next
Moncton. – 4465 spectators. – SR Magnusson (SWE) / Schlittenhardt (USA).
Portals: 23 Kapanen (Väisänen, Päivärinta) 1-0. 33. Canonica (Taibel) 1:1. 45. Jabola (Alge, Taibel) 1:2. 49 ‘Vaisänen (Päivärinta, Ervasti) 2-2. 61- (60.41) Biasca (Pechsel) 2: 3.
punish: 1 time 2 minutes against Finland, 2 times 2 minutes against Switzerland.
Switzerland: Bashi Pechsel, Streol; Zanetti, Seidler; Dionisio, Mile; Desperate Robin, Canonica, Biasca; Tibyl, Algi, Jabula; Truog, Baechler, Reichle; Pernod, Müller, Ramel. (Abu / Sada)

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These hockey legends are in the Triple Gold Club


These hockey legends are in the Triple Gold Club

Source: Keystone / Kimo Brandt

Are you a real ice hockey fan? This is how you get that playground at home.

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