February 25, 2024

Defeat for Macron’s government – France: The House of Representatives rejects the controversial immigration law – News

  • The French government suffered a defeat in the National Assembly over the controversial issue of immigration.
  • The majority of representatives voted in favor of the motion to reject the law proposed by the center government before the general debate.
  • The narrow majority of 270 to 265 votes came because, in addition to left-wing forces, conservatives and right-wing nationalists also supported the Greens’ proposal.

However, the controversial plan of the government headed by Emmanuel Macron is not on the table. Although the government can withdraw the project, it can also refer it to the Senate, the upper chamber of the French Parliament. The government could also convene a committee of senators and representatives to discuss the project.


The French National Assembly rejected the immigration law approved by Macron’s government.

Keystone/AP Photo/Michel Euler

As a result of the vote, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin submitted his resignation to President Macron. “This is normal,” Darmanin said on TF1. Macron rejected the offer and demanded that a proposal be presented to him on Tuesday on how to proceed with the proposed law.

“Be kind to good people and bad to bad people.”

Macron’s centrist camp no longer has an absolute majority in the French National Assembly since the parliamentary elections in June 2022, and therefore relies on opposition votes for its projects. The fact that a majority has now emerged against the government camp is a blow to them. Interior Minister Darmanin had previously tried to win the bourgeois camp to his side, whether through eloquent words or through concessions such as reforming medical care for illegal immigrants.

The government says it wants to use the proposed law to control immigration and improve integration. To this end, it wants to grant immigrants who previously worked without residency documents in understaffed jobs a temporary residence permit. At the same time, the government wants to be able to force some previously protected migrants to leave the country and expand deportations. “Be kind to good people and bad to bad people,” this is what the French Minister of the Interior calls it.

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