Davos disaster against Sparta Prague

After a 2-1 win over Team Canada on Tuesday night, Davos defender Claude Cordin-Bascaud said such a win gives a lot of energy. There was nothing to see from this, rather the population of Graubünden was introduced by the Czechs. Sparta Prague celebrated “simple” ice hockey, which was played very calmly and efficiently.

Davos already served the team well with a 1:2 lead after 20 minutes. Mate Stransky’s goal with 6.5 seconds left in the first period was more than just a lucky one. HCD defender Michael Krotel’s shot was immediately parried to Stransky’s skate, as the puck went into the goal.

This blow didn’t really give the locals a boost. On the contrary: when they first powerplayed this game at the beginning of the middle third, they conceded 1:3 (22). The defender was responsible for this, Michel Kempny, who scored four points (2/2). Dominic Igli and assistant player Marc Michaelis were very enthusiastic in the Davos team.

When Jan Buchtele (26) made it 4-1, HCD guard Gilles Senn allowed a pass. Davos conceded 1:5 and 1:6 in the 33rd minute in 43 seconds, with Roman Horak and David Vitos calling for the goals. The Eastern Europeans showed no mercy in the final section either, but Andres Ampol managed a 2:9 with 20.9 seconds left. However, there was still a lot missing from Davos’ biggest defeat in this tournament, in 1984 they lost 2:13 to Dukla Jihlava, who also came from the Czech Republic.

It is now up to HCD to leave the evening behind as quickly as possible. The next match will indeed be on Thursday evening against IFK Helsinki. Because of the Davos defeat, there will obviously be no Swiss final this year. If Davosers defeat the Finns, they will face Ambri-Piota in the semifinals on Friday.

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Sparta Prague – Davos 9:2 (2:1, 4:0, 3:1)

6,267 spectators (all sold out). – SR Lemelin / Stolc (USA / SVK), Altmann / Obwegeser (SUI). – Goals: 2. Kempney (Eric Thorell) 1: 0. 11 Safin (Moravcic, David Vitosh) 2-0. 20. (19:53) Stransky (Vora, Corvi) 2-1. 22. Kempny (Sobotka, Horak/Pribyl excluded!) 3:1. 26 Pochtel (David Vitosh, Kempny) 4:1.33 (32:11) Horak (Tomasek, Eric Thorell) 5:1.33 (32 :54) David Vitosh 6:1 45. Repik (Tomasek, Kempny/Exclusion Bristedt) 7:1. 47. Dvoracek (Konecny, Gustaf Thorell) 8:1. 55 Horak (Pribyl, Gustaf Thorell/Exclusion Nussbaumer) 9:1 60. (59:39) Ampol (Sarila) – Penalties: 3 times 2 minutes against Sparta Prague, 2 times 2 minutes against Davos.

Sparta Prague: Kovar; Lindos, Miklis; Kempney, Tomek; Moravcic, Krotel. Boom. Rubik, Sobotka, Pribyl; Eric Thorell, Horak, Tomasek; Safin, David Vitosh, Buchtel; Dvoracek, Gustav Thorell, Konicny.

Davos: O; Immediately, Dahlbek; Negrin, Willinger. Dominic Egli, Pachod; less; Stransky, Corvey, Rowe; Ampol, Michaelis, Sarella; Nordstrom, Rasmussen, Pristedt; Dirt, Chris Egley, Nussbaumer; pop

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