December 1, 2023

Crosses for dead children from Canada

Crosses for dead children from Canada

The award for “World Press Photo” goes to Canada this year. In Europe, the picture of a woman facing a wildfire on a Greek island was a success.

Often the photos capture the real eye telling a sad story. One full of suffering and destruction. And loss. Like the picture of Amber Bracken. In her home country, the Canadian woman hung several roadside crosses with red dresses. They are monuments to the dead children of Native Americans in Canada.

Bracken was photographed following the discovery of a mass grave of 215 children in the city of Kamloops in the summer of 2021. It has now been announced as the winner of the Global World Magazine Photo Awards competition. The jury in Amsterdam selected 65,000 images from more than 4,000 photographers from 130 countries.

World Press Photo Awards: Jury selects “photo burning in your memory”

Rena Effendi, chair of the jury, said of Bracken’s award-winning work: “This is a photo burned in your memory.” Also: “I could hear the stillness in this photo, this is a quiet moment of global reckoning, not only in Canada, but with colonial history around the world.”

There was photography New York Times Published. The crosses are shaped by storm clouds and a dark sky with a rainbow. But not only that, it’s very haunting. Because the discovery of the mass grave shook Canada deeply. For decades, tribal children were forcibly enrolled in boarding schools for re-education.

European winner of the World Press Photo Awards: shot during a wildfire on a Greek island

Europe’s best solo film, Constantinople Sogalitis Bloomberg News Was taken. Massive and intense wildfires can be seen here on the Greek island of Evia in the summer of 2021.

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Dressed entirely in black, with her right hand on her heart, her eyes closed and her mouth wide open, the focus is on an older woman – an expression of the pain of her loss. In the background you can see a house that you have to abandon. The whole atmosphere is bathed in red fire light. The heat basically jumps towards the viewer.

Awarded Best European Film: Constantinople Sogalidis photographing a woman in front of a fire on the Greek island of Avia.

Photo: Constantinous socalitis / plumber, DPA

Many winners at the World Press Photo Awards: Awards for different categories and regions

The jury also selected the winners in other categories. Australian Matthew Abbott was awarded the Best Photo Story Award: a series on the ancient tradition of Australian aboriginal people burning their land in a controlled manner to prevent uncontrolled bushfire. In the long-term projects category, Lalo de Almeida of Brazil won the series on endangered rainforests in the Amazon. Isadora Romero, an Ecuadorian photographer, won the award for her photographs on the effects of forced immigration.

This year, for the first time, the winners were selected under the new rules: first, prizes were awarded to six zones. From this selection, global winners were selected. (with dpa)

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