July 15, 2024

Austria is not one of the best countries in terms of life expectancy for epidemics

Austria is not one of the best countries in terms of life expectancy for epidemics

However, due to their specific “effectiveness” in the first year of the Govt 19 epidemic, this study provides information to the remaining 21 countries compared to Austria. “Results in bear ‘countries ranged from a 1.43-year decline (life expectancy) in Spain to an increase in life expectancy in New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan. Changes occurred in Denmark, Finland and Norway.” Life expectancy for men (minus 1.44 years) was lowest in Spain (women: minus 1.34 years), while in England and Wales (minus 1.38 years), women also saw a decline of 1 year.07 years.

According to the study, the average life expectancy in Austria from 2019 to 2020 is minus 0.77 years. (2019: 81.91 years; 2020: 81.14 years). Life expectancy for Austrian women decreased by 0.68 years (84.20 and 83.52 years), while the male population declined by 0.81 years (79.54 years and 78.73 years).

In the middle

However, Austria is worse than the average values ​​of comparable countries (not the United States). In both sexes, life expectancy in these countries is reduced to 0.58 years, exactly half a year for women and 0.68 years for men. This is a little less than in Austria.

In New Zealand, on the other hand, life expectancy has increased by 0.64 years from 2019 to 2020. In South Korea, the increase was 0.24 years. In terms of growth, Austria ranks 13th out of 21 non-American countries (after Scotland), below average for women and eleventh below average for men (after France).

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However, the Covid-19 continued to widen the lifespan gap between the United States and other rich countries. In 2020 it will be only 76.99 years, while in 21 countries the average will be 81.50 years. According to their reports, the authors obtained data from official organizations.