Ukraine. Biden announces higher grain exports from the United States and Canada.

U.S. President Joe Biden announced in Brussels on Thursday that the United States wants to increase its exports due to a lack of grain supplies following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The main stone

Canada and the United States want to increase their exports due to grain shortages following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. US President Joe Biden has said in Brussels that the global food crisis is becoming “real”.

So after the NATO and G7 summits, Biden said how can the two countries “quickly increase and distribute resources”.

The US President has called for the lifting of all restrictions on food exports from other countries. The United States is considering “major investments to meet humanitarian needs, especially food aid.”

Ukraine and Russia account for about 30 percent of global grain exports. Supplies in Ukraine have plummeted due to fighting and closed ports and sanctions against Russia.

However, the largest importers of grain from Russia and Ukraine are populated countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh and Nigeria.


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