July 15, 2024

Cooler Master GM2711S: The gaming monitor is based on the technologies of medicine and art

Cooler Master GM2711S: The gaming monitor is based on the technologies of medicine and art

Photo: Coolmaster

With the GM2711S, Cooler Master is launching a 27-inch, WQHD, 180Hz gaming monitor. So far so familiar, but it uses an “ultra-fast IPS panel” including “Advanced Non-Reflective Technology” (ART), which was previously used for medical displays or digital art.

how TFT Central It has been reported that the Cooler Master GM2711S is expected to debut in the first quarter of 2024 and will cost around $300. The so-called “ultra-fast IPS panel” comes from manufacturer AU Optronics (AUO) and is supposed to offer a 2ms response time, which is no longer “over-fast” by today’s standards, as is the case with many IPS panels. Up to a limit in just 1 ms.

Use Advanced reflectivity technology (ART) from AUO in the gaming sector. This has so far only been used in the fields of medical presentations and digital art, but is now finding its way into gaming PCs via Cooler Master.

According to the manufacturer, with its special surface structure, ART ensures that “Changing the direction of reflected light“becomes. in conjunction with”Ultra low reflection coating” Become “Scattered light is almost invisible to the human eyeRoughly speaking: annoying reflections from ambient light should be virtually eliminated.

ART technology in diagramming
ART technique in diagram (photo: Aww)
Better contrast when exposed to light
Better contrast when exposed to light (Image: Aww)
It is assumed that there is no color cast from ambient light
Presumably there is no color cast due to ambient lighting (Image: Aww)

Furthermore, the technology must guarantee higher contrast in direct and indirect light, which is an important factor in the medical sector, for example in operating rooms with bright lamps. There should be no color caused by ambient lighting. Ultimately, reducing ambient light reflection should also combat eye strain when constantly viewing a screen.

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An artistic presentation of digital art
ART demo of digital art (Image: Aww)

Apparently, the special coating can also reduce the required screen brightness by about 20 percent, which in turn helps save energy. Since the properties can also be positively noticed when digital artworks are displayed in a gallery, AUO has a product range for this purpose Art display creature.

More key data about the screen

Aside from the special surface coating, the Cooler Master GM2711S is said to display 2560 x 1440 pixels at up to 180Hz. With a brightness of 350 cd/m², contrast of 1000:1 and 8-bit color depth, there are no special values ​​in these disciplines. The color gamut is as high as 95 percent of DCI-P3.

Connections are one DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.0 ports, two USB ports, and two audio outs. The stand allows adjustment of the height, tilt, and horizontal and vertical movement of the screen.