February 23, 2024

Dead in Broad Daylight: The New Survivor

It's not fantasy – it's real. Alan Wake, star of the “Alan Wake” series, enters the nebula as the latest survivor of “Dead by Daylight.” Starting January 30, fans can take on the role of a troubled writer in this collaboration between Behavior Interactive and Remedy Games.

Written in the dark

In the world of Alan Wake, Alan is a talented writer, best known to his fans as the author of the successful Alex Casey series, which also includes Return to Sender and The Sudden Stop. Unfortunately, a vacation in Bright Falls took a dark turn when he came face to face with a supernatural darkness. The plot of his latest novel, a horror story he doesn't remember, comes to life and leads to him being trapped in a dark place.

As a prisoner, Alan Wake fights at all costs to escape. However, his attempt to write his way to freedom led him straight into the clutches of the entity, where he traded one dark place for another.

“While I was looking for a way out, for a little light in the darkness, I remembered a script I had written for Night Springs about a place shrouded in fog. And when those memories resurfaced, the same fog surrounded me. And once again I found ‘I am in an unfamiliar place. – Trapped. I have to find a way out. “I don’t know why, but I know that rewriting the script is the key.”

Alan Wake, The Lost Manuscript

And of course, it wouldn't be Alan Wake without the actors who brought him to life. Dead by Daylight's Alan Wake Chapter features likenesses of actor Ilkka Fili, who plays Alan in the series' live-action scenes, and Matthew Porretta, who voices him throughout the series. You'll be able to hear new, original audio recordings as Alan Wake faces his latest deadly challenge in the fog.

Cutting edge horror list

From movies to video games, Dead by Daylight is home to some of the greatest characters in horror history. The addition of Alan Wake expands the diverse roster of survivors even further, adding a major character from one of the best horror franchises. With the release of Alan Wake 2, now is the perfect time to experience a new dark chapter for the beloved character.

“Since its initial release in 2010, Alan Wake has had a huge impact on the Dead by Daylight team. From general themes to specific elements, our games truly feel connected in so many ways. We've always felt that this character would be at home” in the Dead by Daylight universe . Finally, seeing Alan as Survivor feels like a complete moment, especially since the recently released sequel to the series is still fresh in everyone’s minds.”

Matteo Cotti, Head of Partnerships at Behavior Interactive

“We are very pleased and honored to have Alan Wake immersed in the mists of Dead by Daylight. From our first discussions about working with Behavior Interactive, it was clear that the story of both games is incredibly compatible and draws on many similar inspirations – a true match made in… hell. Now Now that Alan Wake 2 is out, it's time for another nightmare.”

Sam Lake, Creative Director, Remedy Entertainment

Lights Out Along with the release of the final chapter comes a special limited-time mod called Lights Out, adding a new and terrifying level of horror to Dead by Daylight. Modifiers are completely new modifications to the existing demo format, providing players with a unique and exciting experience. With the lights out, players find themselves in a creepy atmosphere that lacks some of the basic tools they're accustomed to.

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The Lights Out mod will be implemented in the game in the coming weeks.