December 4, 2023

Connie Rayman has actually appeared on these reality TV shows


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Connie Rayman returns to Capel Enz with “Welcome to the Rayman Family.” But long before his new reality series, the famous immigrant was an integral part of the German television landscape.

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Immigrant cult Connie Reiman He returns to screens on November 19 with his new reality series “Welcome to the Rayman Family.” In the premiere of what is now the third season of the series on Kabel Eins, an immigrant in his native Hawaii helps, among other things, a neighbor cut down trees, although not everything goes smoothly.

Prior to “Welcome to the Rayman Family”, Connie and his wife Manu Rayman had already made guest appearances on a number of television formats. An overview of Connie Ryman’s television career to date.

In “Goodbye Germany!” And “Extra” started it all

Connie Reimann first became known to German television viewers as an immigrant to the United States of America. After his girlfriend Manu received a so-called green card and thus a work permit for the United States, they not only got married without further ado. The Reimann family’s new life abroad was also chronicled in “Extra – Das RTL-Magazin” from 2004 and in “Goodbye Germany! Immigrants” from 2006 to 2013. During this time, German television fell in love with the adorable newcomers who tried Realize their dreams in the land of unlimited opportunities.

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With his newly acquired television stardom, Connie Ryman quickly became a welcome guest on other television formats. The reality star, who loves to wear cowboy hats, participated in the “TV Total Stock Car Crash Challenge” in 2010 and dined with other celebrities on VOX’s “The Perfect Dinner” in 2011.

“The Rymans – An Extraordinary Life”

Following their appearance on Goodbye Germany, the Reimanns also received a new reality TV series – and here their family name also formed the show’s title for the first time. “The Reimanns – An Extraordinary Life” ran for 16 seasons. Between 2013 and 2021, RTLzwei viewers saw Konny Ryman and his family move from Texas to Hawaii, among other places, to build the new vacation paradise “Konny Island III” on the island of Oahu.

Connie Reimann was also a welcome guest on German television during this period. In 2013, for example, he was a guest on the program “Ines Night” and in the same year, together with presenter Ina Müller, Natasha Oksenknecht and two other celebrities, he claimed to be the star presenter. Günter Jauch In “5 gegen Jauch”, which resulted in significant physical damage when Kony entered the studio. The Hamburg native also appeared in an episode of the program “Notruf Hafenkante” in 2015 – thus showing his acting talent.

“King of DIY” and “Connie Goes Wild!”

But German television stations saw more untapped potential in Connie Reimann. That’s how the home improvement reality show “The Home Improvement King with Konny Reimann” came to be, but it only had two episodes from 2015 to 2016. In the end, Reimann, the DIY star, was crowned the “DIY King.”

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In “Connie Goes Wild!” However, it was all about the survival aspect of the innovative immigrant. Along with other celebrities – including Michael Wendler, who had not yet fallen from grace at the time, and former footballer Torsten Leggat – Connie Reimann was abandoned in the wilderness and forced to fight his way out. From 2017 to 2018, a total of five episodes of the survival show were shown on RTLzwei.

Also during this time, Connie Reimann was a regular guest on German television shows. For example, in 2017 he participated in “The Big RTL2 – Celebrity Curling Evening” or a year ago in “The Big RTL2 – Celebrity Bowling Evening”. Viewers were also able to experience Reimann 2016 in “Die Kirmeskönige” and “Crash Test Promis”.

After the end of “Konny Goes Wild!” In 2019, Germany’s most famous immigrant, who also frequently landed lucrative advertising deals, was without his own show on German television for a while – until “Welcome to Reimanns” was launched on Kabel Eins in 2022.
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