April 13, 2024

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Closed combustion engine + Chinese takeover? + Fast freezing instead of keeping data • Europe.Table

  • Quick freeze: Germany also freezes EU debate
  • How serious is the Elmos acquisition?
  • The combustion is tightly sealed in optimum
  • Russia threatens to attack Western commercial satellites
  • EDF expects a loss of 32 billion euros due to the failure of nuclear reactors
  • European Court of Justice: Citizens should be able to easily delete their personal data
  • EU Commission paves way for fisheries compensation
  • Chairs: Claudia Labisch – Gathering Research Threads

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Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) brought a breath of fresh air to the debate on Data retention in Germany. For a long time now, the FDP has wanted to move away from public data storage for no reason, as Home Secretary Nancy Fizer (SPD) prefers. According to the draft now submitted by Buschmann, Germany wants to take a completely different approach to the EU through the fast-freeze approach. Falcksteiner Analyze the design.

After the Chinese state shipping company COSCO entered the Hamburg port terminal, another possible acquisition with Chinese involvement is now a topic of discussion. Ironically, he is German Chip Manufacturer He wants to buy the Chinese-Swedish company Silex Microsystems. Finn Meyer Kokok I considered whether this acquisition was really a problem.

who – which combustion off Then it was sealed very quickly. Negotiators from participating lawmakers needed less than five hours in the triumvirate to agree to phase out the technology in 2035, which has shaped car building for 120 years and has been particularly successful for German manufacturers. For the end of the era to be definitive, Parliament and member states still have to agree to the informal settlement. routine procedure.

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Times of crisis usually leave their mark on research, too. Whether it is lack of energy or budget cuts, research institutes and their projects also suffer from both. Claudia Labach As head of the European office, representing Leibniz Association The interests of 97 German Leibniz institutes. In the painting Oldest woman from Nuremberg.

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Quick freeze: Germany also freezes EU debate

The controversy over the retention of contact and location data has been going on for nearly two decades – in Germany and in the European Union. With the development of technology, national applications and EU basic regulations have successively been examined by courts narrow borders. Always against mass storage: FDP and greens. They now rule the Federal Republic with the Social Democratic Party, and the political weight has shifted in their favour. The Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann is in charge of the case (FDP).

He’s a fighter when it comes to the future or the end of data retention: On Tuesday his house submitted the bill to the Cabinet for a vote. With this, Buschmann wants to move away from the mass storage of contact and location data and achieve an event-related storage system. According to the draft, as soon as there is an initial suspicion of a serious crime Telecom operators are shut down to ensure connection and location data ability.

If this “freezing” of data available from the telecom provider at that time is followed by the actual need for the data in the course of further investigation, then it can be “unfrozen”. Location datafor example from a mobile network, should generally be allowed to be used only until the time of the order, after the time of the freeze only if it is necessary for the investigation of the criminal offense or the whereabouts of the suspect.

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