May 27, 2024


Comcast seems to be considering selling Sky Germany

Comcast appears to be considering the course of its pay-TV business in Germany. As reported by Bloomberg, the company is working with a consultant to examine a potential sale to Sky Germany. More recently, Sky Germany has been affecting Comcast commercial personalities.

Just this week, it became known that Comcast reported a loss of billions in the third quarter, which is only due to the massive reduction of its subsidiary Sky, which was acquired in 2018, caused by the difficult economic environment. felt herself ( reported). Although Comcast does not provide a precise country breakdown for Sky, it writes that the increased sales in Great Britain were primarily driven by broadband and mobile business, while declining subscription sales were recorded in Germany and Italy.

As a reaction to the poor development, a sale of German business could follow. According to a Bloomberg report, the unit could be valued at around €1 billion if sold. Consultations are underway, but it is clear that no decision has been made on the sale or its rejection. Comcast declined to comment on the speculation.

In recent years, Sky Deutschland has faced increasing competition in the sports sector from the streaming service DAZN, which has not only acquired many rights in the Bundesliga from the pay-TV broadcaster, but now also broadcasts a large part of the Champions League. This is also one of the reasons why Sky has recently been investing more outside of sports – but here, too, the competition from streaming services is now well known.

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