Climate Change: The Leopoldina fact sheet highlights causes, consequences and potential courses of action

Hall. Leopoldina. Why is it so important to act quickly to protect the climate? On what scientific basis are the calculations based on the causes and consequences of climate change? Leopoldina explains this in “The Climate Change Fact Sheet: Causes, Consequences and Options for Action”. In the first two chapters, the publication prepares the currently available knowledge about the causes and consequences of climate change in a generally understood way. Relationships and data illustrated in graphics and explained in a compact manner.

The Leopoldina fact sheet is divided into three parts: causes, consequences, and potential courses of action. The chapter “The Causes of Climate Change” explains, among other things, the greenhouse effect, describes the evolution of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere throughout Earth’s history and explains the rate of global warming caused by humans.

The contents of the “Climate Change Consequences” chapter include extreme weather events, sea level rise, drought, and the impacts of climate change on health and food security. The role of italics is also explained.

In the chapter “Measures to combat climate change”, the emissions reductions identified so far are discussed. Other topics are “negative emissions” techniques, carbon dioxide pricing, and natural carbon dioxide storage such as soils, forests and oceans as well as allocating the budget for residual emissions as a political and ethical issue.

The fact sheet is published under the following link:

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