December 8, 2023

Clear the stage for science!

The lecture, delivered by Lena Lerer, who took to the stage dressed as a dinosaur, was about the consequences of climate change on humans.

This time too, many guests came to Science Slam – a humorous format in which scientists show what they do as part of their research on stage in a way that is entertaining and understandable for everyone. Assists were allowed, but each player only had ten minutes to win over the crowd. The reward – in addition to fame and honor – was another artistic trophy designed by the artist Johannes Graebner from Erfurt specifically for the competition.

The warm-up was carried out by Christian Rombeck, winner of the 6th “Erfurt Science Championships”. Great lecture – but out of classification. Then they fought for the good of the public Lina’s teacher (“Public perception of climate change”); Andrew Crawford (“Microcredit as a tool for social peacekeeping in Cambodia”); Miriam Vienna (“Sinti and Roma in Medieval Sources or How to Construct “Others”) and Alejandra Ortiz Ayala (“Practical, everyday peacebuilding” – actions led by international students at the University of Erfurt). Stephanie Pohling once again took over the supervision responsibility, cheerfully leading the program with Thilo Kromish.

But as with competition – in the end there can only be one person who gets the coveted victory trophy. So the winner this time is Lena Lerer. In her lecture, she – dressed as a dinosaur – asked the guests in attendance what they were doing to combat “extinction” in the face of climate change, the extinction of humanity and the destruction of the planet Earth. Their message was “Don’t be a dinosaur and do something about it.” The audience’s opinion was quite serious, yet very entertaining and informative, and she was crowned Slammer Queen 2023. A fantastic evening that once again screams for ‘more’…

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