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Christmas cinema for young and old

Dec 22, 2022 10:56 PM

In Skino in Schaan, many children’s films for a variety of age groups will be shown during the Christmas period, including “Hotel Sinestra”, “A Christmas for Teddy” and “Blueback”. “Kids can bridge the anticipation and nervousness of Christmas with a good movie,” Sarah Mehrman wrote in a press release.

Christmas movies for kids on December 24 and 25

On December 24, the program starts at 10 am in Skino, where even the youngest will enjoy the animated film “Yuku and the Himalayan Flower”. Yoko lives with her family in the basement of an old castle. In the glow of a magical Himalayan flower, Yoko’s grandmother tells the family stories from family legend. “The story is told in such a way that kids from the age of three can have a nice first cinematic experience,” says Sarah Mahermann of Skino. For older kids, there’s even more action in Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. On his new adventure, the cat is horrified to discover that his craving for danger has finally come to an end, and he has already used up eight of his nine lives. In order to provide the much-needed new vitality, the bat-wielding trickster sets off on a long journey into the Black Forest to find the legendary Wishing Star there.

The old cinema in Vaduz, in collaboration with “Erlebe Vaduz”, showed free Christmas films and puppet shows for children every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from December 2 to 23, so that parents could comfortably go shopping for Christmas. On December 23 at 5 pm there is a Punch and Judy show and at 7 pm “The Little Lord”. On December 24 at 2 pm Altes Kino Vaduz will show “The Legend of the Christmas Witch”.

The Christmas classic from 1946

The classic Christmas program is shown at 6pm on December 25th at Skino in Schaan. It’s a Wonderful Life is set in 1946 on Christmas Eve in Bedford Falls. George Bailey wishes he had never been born and is about to ditch the bridge. The case will be reported to heaven. A rescue is launched immediately and Clarence, the angel on duty who has yet to earn his wings, comes to his aid. But Clarence has his issues with George, the manager of the small building community inherited from his father. Against the opposition of the wealthy Mr. Potter, the philanthropic George finances homes for needy families. When a large sum of money is lost in a mishap, Mr. Potter seeks revenge.

From little reindeer to empresses

On December 26 at 3 pm in the Old Cinema Vaduz, the children’s Christmas program continues with “The Wolf and the Lion”. In “Corsage,” director and screenwriter Marie Kreutzer puts the story of Austrian Empress Elisabeth in a new, modern light: as a brave, self-determined, sometimes radical woman.

On December 27 at 3 p.m., young reindeer Ailo takes visitors on a dangerous journey for his herd through the frozen taiga, past the fjords and impassable mountains of “Ailos Reise.” In the evening at seven in the evening, director Roger Michel tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II, who sat on the throne of the United Kingdom for 70 years. (Mk/PD)

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