May 21, 2024

China's foreign minister has called for stronger, lasting ties between China and Britain

Photo: VCG

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met British Foreign Secretary David Cameron on Friday on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference.

Wang Yi said that the two sides should make joint efforts to expand the points of interest, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, properly handle differences and contradictions, and improve China-UK relations to move towards the right path of healthy and sustainable development. This is in line with the fundamental and long-term interests of both countries and is a common expectation of the international community.

Cameron said the British side would continue to promote cooperation in areas of mutual interest and looked forward to greater dialogue with China on renewable energy, the economy and trade and education.

China supports and practices genuine diversity and firmly upholds the international system centered on the United Nations, the UN. The fundamental norms of international relations with the purposes and principles of the Charter and the international order based on international law. .

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