February 29, 2024

CC’s son confirms: The Constantines are staying at FC Sion and are planning a huge project

What does Sion sporting director Barthelemy Constantin (right) whisper into the ear of Father Christian Constantin, the club’s president?


On the sporting front, things are going well for Sion in the Challenge League, and direct promotion is a realistic goal. President Christian Constantin and his son, sporting director Barthelemy, want to go into the future with the club.

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  • Contrary to previous statements, Christian Constantin (President) and his son Barthelemy (Sporting Director) want to remain at FC Sion.
  • A huge project is being planned with a new stadium.
  • On the sporting front, things are going well, and FC Sion tops the Challenger League table ahead of FC Thun.

On Friday evening, Sion scored a point in the top clash in Thun and defended his lead in the Challenge League. After 16 matches, the relegated team, which has lost only one match, is in first place with 33 points, followed by Thun (31) and surprise team Stade Neu (23).

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December 8, 2023

And so Didier Tholot has been sitting safely in the saddle for five months in his third stint as Sion coach. But it is likely that the coaching chair in the Valais team will remain an expelled seat in the future, because at the management level, contrary to previous statements, things will continue as they were before. Christian Constantin remains president, and Barthelemy remains sporting director. What that could mean is shown in the following gallery.

“We are staying with Sion,” the son confirmed on the sidelines of the big match. In an interview. Papa CC previously told L’illustré: “Unless a lucky buyer shows up at the last minute, I will stay. It doesn’t matter whether FC Sion plays in the professional or amateur league.” This is even more surprising since CC announced at the beginning of the year that they wanted to leave FC Sion in 2024.

Amateur league? This worst-case scenario could happen if FC Sion does not obtain a license to play in the top leagues. In Sion, they dream of a modern football arena that will replace the old Tourbillon Stadium as their home stadium. The new stadium will accommodate 15,000 spectators, and in addition to football matches, concerts will also be held there.

This is what the new stadium will look like one day.
This is what the new stadium will look like one day.

Christian Constantine SA

Whether this project can be implemented is still unclear. After all, various projects in the past were doomed to failure. “The city of Sion and the canton of Valais have not yet commented on this matter,” the SRF wrote. However, confirmation will be important regarding licensing for next season. “Without an infrastructure project or a contract with the city that expires on December 1, 2024, it is no longer possible to maintain professional operations. So it remains exciting in Sion, on and off the pitch…

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