April 23, 2024

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is hardly compatible with MacDrive

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is hardly compatible with MacDrive

(Motorsport-Total.com/Motor1) — Just as you regularly eat at McDonald’s, fat cars are gaining weight. This is especially true when you have to install a W16 four-turbocharged engine. Add all-wheel drive, a 100-liter fuel tank, 420mm disc brakes front and 400mm rear and you can see why it’s a Bugatti Chiron Is this wide?

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport at McDonald’s Drive by


2.04 meters without outside mirrors in the regular version to be exact. But we’re not talking about the regular Chiron here, we’re talking about the new great sports Without the plus sign at the end of its name.

Carwow’s Matt Watson tackled one of the more difficult “roads” for the Chiron SS – the challenging driving of the famous meatball maker. He wasn’t alone when he tried to maneuver the long-tailed beast through the narrow track of McDrive somewhere in France. The charismatic YouTuber took instructions from Andy Wallace, a Bugatti test driver.

What might take a few seconds in an ordinary car turns out to be a nerve-wracking experience lasting several minutes. That’s understandable, because the Chiron (buy a used Bugatti Chiron now) Super Sport is impressively wide at 2,183 mm (about 86 inches) if you count the side mirrors. The fact that the Chiron Super Sport has the thickest tires ever for a production vehicle doesn’t help either: 285/30 R20 on the front axle and 355/25 R21 on the rear axle.

Like any other respectable supercar, it features a nose-lift system for more ground clearance. It gives the Chiron SS 125mm of ground clearance in the front and rear, which is significantly more than 80mm in the front and 89mm in the rear when cornered in top speed mode. The damage to one of these magnesium wheels is not for the faint of heart because we are sure it will cost a fortune to repair it.

The fact that it’s so low makes it very difficult to order from McDonald’s because you’re so far away from the microphone. Matt already opened the door and approached the microphone – talk about first-world problems … The black beauty survived without scratches on the wheels or the body, but it took a while.

Perhaps the 1,600-horsepower engine consumed a lot of fuel, because the sixteen-cylinder monster needs between 17.1 and 40.3 liters per 100 km, depending on the driving style. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency rated the Super Sport at a paltry eight miles per gallon in the city.

The Chiron SS can reach speeds of 440 km/h in seventh gear on an unrestricted stretch of highway or a racetrack with long straights.

Source: Carwow / YouTube

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