December 10, 2023

Canada – Vacation on Maple Land

Canada is a very popular travel destination. Admission is now possible without any problems for those who have been vaccinated. PCR testing at the airport is also not required. In this article we will explain why Canada is so popular.

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Canada is also known as the country of maple leaves. This symbol can be found, for example, on coins, the Code of Arms and the country’s flag. In addition to friendly people, it is, above all, endless expansions and attractive metropolises that represent the North American nation.

Because Canada is not only a popular travel destination due to its terrain. The bilingual country between the Atlantic and the Pacific is captivated by its remarkable cultural diversity. Forests, lakes and mountains meet trendy cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Safety and travel time

In addition, Canada is considered a safe travel destination with a completely open mind. Singles can also take a trip to find out here without being afraid of bad experiences with the locals.

The best time to go to Canada starts now. From the end of May to the end of October, the country shows its most beautiful side. Hip vacation areas like the provinces of British Columbia or Alberta are not the only ones attracting foreign tourists. Many Canadians spend their holidays there.

Those who are more focused on winter sports should go to Canada at the beginning of the year. There is a lot of snow fun in the Mont Tremblant and Rocky Mountains in Quebec.

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Domestic travel and flexible overnight stay

Before going on vacation, it can be helpful to take care of visa matters. The Electronic Travel Authorization Canada eTA Attached to the passport. It is considered an entry permit for foreigners who do not require a visa and arrive by air.

Canada - Vacation on Maple Land
Canada – Vacation on Maple Land

As a tourist you can travel freely in Canada for up to six months. This is especially exciting for backpackers. With a famous bus company with a greyhound in its logo, the second largest country in the world can easily travel.

Booking domestic flights is easy and if you want to stay overnight somewhere you can always find a room, an apartment or an entire house with well-known and internationally active online booking sites.


Canada is an attractive, safe and interesting travel destination. Whether it’s a package tour or a personal trip – everyone can find here what they expect from a vacation. Local people are relaxed and you can visit cities or nature with outdoor activities.

So our thumbs are definitely above Canada. If you have not been there, you should definitely visit Canada. Fly to Maple Land for the Holidays at least once in your life …

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