June 20, 2024

What Liz Truss' Cabinet Says About Britain

What Liz Truss’ Cabinet Says About Britain

AThe conversation inevitably turned to the Tories’ leadership struggle, a British woman no longer young who, despite her obvious ties to the old establishment, presented herself as a staunch liberal, saying Rishi Sunak had no chance of becoming prime minister. Minister. The so-called Blue Rins Brigade (purple-haired women who were once hardened Conservative Party members) would never vote for him on racial grounds. One of the smaller circles within the polite Travellers’ Club, the Gentlemen’s Club, founded in 1819, which once required as a criterion for admission that potential members had traveled at least five hundred miles in a straight line outside the British Isles, strongly opposed it. Outdated Cliche. If Sunak loses, it will not be because of the color of his skin, but because of political and ideological sentiments. A highly educated journalist from Kolkata, one of the Anglomaniacs of the Bengali elite, sometimes described as an Anglomaniac, who had traveled extensively in Britain since the late 1950s, was skeptical: “Do you really think that? Has the leopard changed its spots?

Gina Thomas

Correspondent features in London.

With a small 0.2 percent of the population now electing a new prime minister, Sunak’s high vote suggests the Leopard could change, as does the composition of Lis Truss’s cabinet. For the first time in British history, there was not a single white person in four major government posts. Truss is the third woman to lead the Conservative Party, and the Foreign, Home and Treasury ministries are all descendants of black immigrants. The ethnic composition of the Cabinet has never been as diverse as it is now. This is in line with the spectrum of the eleven candidates who initially ran to succeed Boris Johnson: more than half of them are of Asian or African descent.

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