Canada provides compensation to indigenous peoples for land grabs 112 years ago

Canada paid compensation to the aboriginal Siksika people in 1910 for the government’s expropriation of their land. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who signed the agreement, said yesterday (local time) that “we are united today to correct past mistakes.” Siksika will receive $ 1.3 billion (approximately 60 960 million).

In 1910, the Canadian government seized nearly half of the Blackfoot people’s reservation land in the province of Alberta for resource development and sale to settlers. 30 years ago, Siksika was guaranteed a land contract.

“Behaved respectfully”

Trudeau said the government at the time “acted” with respect “by taking land rich in agricultural production and mineral resources from the tribes for the benefit of others.”

“While this agreement cannot make up for the past, we hope it will lead to a better and brighter future for this generation and future generations,” said Mark Miller, Minister of Internal Relations.

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