Vacation in Canada: The airline pushed the model out – due to her breasts

Vacation in Canada: The plane did not fly due to the bust of the model

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Problem at Toronto Airport, Canada!

On the way they go Holidays Became a model Canada Detained by flight attendants on Wednesday. The 25-year-old said she really wanted to fly to the United States, but the staff kicked her off the plane. According to the angry passenger, this was due to his appearance.

Vacation in Canada: The airline model was thrown off the plane – due to her breasts

Mary Magdalene is a fetish model and influencer. The Canadian has already invested $ 100,000 in cosmetic surgery. Very wide waist, lips can not cover her mouth and breasts weighing 10 kg. She has tattoos all over her body.

In his story and several other posts on Wednesday, he told 111,000 followers on Instagram that he wanted to fly to Dallas, USA and pay around 7 3,700 for air tickets. He completed the security check, but was later thrown off the plane. This is because she wears headphones and does not respond to instructions. But the woman who underwent the most surgery had a completely different suspicion of being fired, and has now blamed the airline.


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“I was ejected from the plane because of my appearance,” he says. “Please stop the discrimination, please. It’s disgusting. I feel so ashamed and inhuman now. You know nothing.” Mary Magdalene is adamant: “If a woman with small breasts wore exactly the same, she could have flown”.

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That is why he now wants to sue the airline as announced on Instagram. The airline has not yet commented on the allegations RTL Reported. (mbo)

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