October 3, 2023

Canada is now on the BAG List of Countries at Risk

Canada is now on the BAG List of Countries at Risk

An uproar at the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) yesterday evening: On April 16 at 6 pm – practically immediately – Canada was added to the list of countries at risk, which means that travelers from Canada are now subject to a quarantine obligation in Switzerland.

This is not a big deal at the moment, because Canada is still banned from entering Switzerland, and conversely, Canadians have high restrictions on entering the EU / Schengen area. Nevertheless: why was Canada, one of the most popular long-distance travel destinations for Switzerland, so quickly included in the list? It was only half an hour between a tweet from BAG and the quarantine commitment going into effect.

The goal is to curb the Brazilian boom, according to BAG. Therefore, the COVID P1 variant is classified as dangerous, and it has not yet spread in Switzerland. So everything is being done to prevent spreading as much as possible. So it was not the infection number that was the deciding factor in this case, but the virus variant.

Canada is currently fighting by all means against the further spread of P1. This virus variant is highly contagious, and is potentially more lethal than the traditional variants and also affects people who have already recovered from Covid disease.

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