November 29, 2023

Amazon Echo 4 Header

Echo and Echo Dot with Alexa are now available in Switzerland

Amazon today announced that users in Switzerland will be able to use the international version of Echo (4. Generation) And the Echo Dot (4. Generation) Can be requested.

In Switzerland, users can use Alexa in German (Germany), French (France), Italian (Italy), or English (United States). However, the Swiss German language is not availableAs Amazon notes.


Echo devices are smart speakers that are controlled by voice. They are woken up by a predefined activation word like “Alexa” and can be turned on hands-free.

With Alexa, users can call the time or weather report, set timers and alarms, play music, control compatible lights in their homes, and make or receive calls with Alexa contacts, And much more.

Forms Echo (4. Generation) And the Echo Dot (4. Generation) It is the latest release of Amazon Echo devices. They have a ball design and the larger model also has Dolby Stereo Sound and an integrated Zigbee hub.

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