British animal rights activists want a ban on bucks and French bulldogs

Due to health problems: British animal rights activists want bucks and French bulldogs to be banned

They are beautiful but not healthy: overbred bucks and bulldogs

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They have shortness of breath, often watery eyes, and their skin folds are often swollen: flat-faced dog breeds such as the buck or the French Bulldog are considered torture breeds. In the UK, many want to ban them.

Dogs are man’s best friend. In the UK, French bulldogs and bucks were particularly high on the people’s wish list – which unfortunately led to a boom that was not good for animals. Both species have long been affected by specialized reproductive traits: flat nose, skin folds, elongated eyes, increased risk of heart problems and heat stroke.

For most bucks and bulldozers, it can have health consequences: sore eyes, severe respiratory problems, eczema, and skin diseases. This is to the displeasure of the British Animal Welfare Organization, including Blue Cross. He has now started a petition to ban the breeding and sale of both species in the UK. Several politicians have already been contacted to draw attention to the issue. “The Blue Cross is committed to ending the illegal breeding of flat-faced dog breeds. To do so, we are considering all options, legally or otherwise.”

Dog breeds are prone to health problems

Four dog breeds are already banned in the UK: Pit Bull Terriers, Japanese Tossas, Togo Argentinos and Fila Brasiliros. However, when determining whether an animal is legal or prohibited, it is usually a matter of appearance rather than pedigree: what looks like a bit of grass cannot be traded or entered into the UK. Many animal lovers do not like this discipline because they consider traits other than appearance to be very important in dogs – in the case of so-called “fighting dogs” it is definitely training and character.

Still legal – in the case of bucks and French bulldogs, appearance is precisely the problem. Blue Cross urges breeders to actively select breed parents to eliminate breeds that cause frequent health problems in dogs. So animals need to regain long noses, soft skin and small eyes. Until this happens, people will want to fight to ban both races. It remains to be seen how this fight will turn out.

Source: “Daily Record”


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