December 2, 2023

Biden says the number of unvaccinated Americans is "unacceptably high" and insists he "take action".

Biden says the number of unvaccinated Americans is “unacceptably high” and insists he “take action”.

President Biden He said Thursday that the number of unvaccinated Americans remains “unacceptably high,” but insisted that the number of unvaccinated Americans be reduced. Serum Requirements for federal employees and private employers are working to ensure more people get the shots they can protect themselves from COVID-19.

In statements to the White House, Thursday, the president praised the “progress” made by his administration in “fighting the virus.”

Biden plans to advance the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates during a visit to Illinois

We are making progress all over the country. Biden said daily cases have fallen by 47% and hospital admissions by 38% in the past six weeks. Most of the country has also improved in the past two weeks. Case numbers are down in 39 states and hospital rates are down in 38 states.”

“There are still an unacceptably high number of people who have not been vaccinated,” the president said.

Now is not the time to quit. “We are very busy,” the president said, adding that the United States “is going through a very critical period as we work to combat COVID-19.”

President Joe Biden will give an update on the COVID-19 response and vaccination program in the South Courtroom on the White House campus in Washington on Thursday, October 14, 2021. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
(AP-Foto/Evan Vucci)

“First, we need to do more to vaccinate the 66 million unvaccinated people in America,” he said. “it is necessary.”

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The president continued to promote his vaccination needs through the summer. Biden signed an executive order last month demanding that all law enforcement officials be vaccinated against COVID-19. Biden also signed an order requiring companies with more than 100 employees to require coronavirus vaccinations.

He said, “You work.” “The Ministry of Labor will soon issue an emergency law for companies with 100 or more employees in order to implement mandatory vaccination.”

“Every day we see more companies implementing vaccination regulations and increasing data shows that they are working,” he added.


Biden said companies and organizations that implement the requirements are seeing increases in vaccination rates “an average of 20% or more to more than 90% of vaccinated employees.”

“Let’s be clear, vaccination should not be another issue that divides us,” the president said. That’s why we continue to fight the misinformation that businesses and societies build. They are also stepping up the fight against this misinformation.