October 1, 2023

Bettina Ramsier explains frustration on German TV

Bettina Ramsier explains frustration on German TV

Bettina Ramseyer reports on the horror incident in Berlin for the SRF. A German camera that captures an unwanted moment.

SRF anchor Bettina Ramseyer makes an unpopular appearance on ARD. – Das Erste / Tagesschau

The basics in brief

  • SRF chief Bettina Ramsier speaks from Berlin about the incident this week.
  • At SRF “Tagesschau” she was as self-confident as ever.
  • The German “Tageschau” caught a short, involuntary moment.

Horror scenes in Berlin this week: a man racing in the Kudamm in a group of people. 29 people were injured and a teacher was killed.

On-site for SRF: Germany correspondent Bettina Ramzier (41). The journalist was broadcast live from Berlin on SRF “Tagesschau” on Wednesday evening. There she showed her usual supremacy.

SRF: Bettina Ramsier on German TV

41 years He also had an involuntary appearance in ARD– “Tageschau” on German TV. There you can see her direct transformation from a different angle.

Attentive viewers note: Bettina Ramseyer finishes the sobriety and then – apparently frustrated – raises her hands.

The SRF woman now explains her reaction to Nau.ch: “In the face of such a terrible event, it is not easy for media professionals to find the right words.”

She was not aware that this “moment of struggle” can unfortunately be seen in the German “Tageschau”.

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