February 23, 2024

Be the first: Why three townspeople end up on a Canadian island

Being the first person somewhere is no longer so easy. Gone are the days of pioneering expeditions to the poles, the highest peaks or the wilderness. What remains are some white specks on the earth, unknown, untrodden – and probably insignificant. For example A third-order island, an island within an island in the Canadian tundra. This intrigued Joshua Crome and his two friends. The beginning of a crazy project

Lisa is the brain

If you read about expeditions, you will find the following entry on Wikipedia: “Exploratory and discovery expeditions intended to traverse areas of particular interest or to reach great geographical locations.”

After all, it's not just any island that Joshua Crome stumbles upon on the Internet. This is A third-order island, an island within an island, an island of the third degree. It also holds the official record of being the largest in the world, but is not known by any name. A patch of uninhabited Earth so far is only slightly larger than two football fields. But that's what piques Chrome's interest. Looking at the satellite image makes him wince.

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