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The story of Horst Eichler from Münster and Lichteblick’s €1.2 million donation to flood victims stunned us and all of Germany last week. Now it also stirs people around the world. The BBC World Service interviewed our Morning Show host Miriam Gerding about Horst Eichler live on her morning show ‘Newsday’.

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What a story we saw last week: first donating one million euros to flood victims. And then, by the way, the suggestion to his favorite club, Bayern Munich: If I donate a million, I will add another 20 percent. And now the story moves the whole world, too. radio station BBC World Service He did on his morning broadcast “Newsday” (27.07.) Our ANTENNE MÜNSTER morning announcer, Miriam Gerding gave a live interview on the full story of Horst Eichler:

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Morning announcer ANTENNE MÜNSTER Miriam Gerding© Antin Monster

Morning announcer ANTENNE MÜNSTER Miriam Gerding

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After challenging Eschler’s Bayern, Bayern announced a useful game against Schalke 04 and donated a million last weekend. And even if the aforementioned offer did not play a role: Horst Eichler kept his promise and donated another 200,000 euros to Lichteblick’s campaign.

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