December 4, 2023

Bad Säckingen: The Audi RS3 never returned from the test drive

Bad Sakkin (D)

The test drive with Audi is never over

After a man in Albrook (D) borrowed a high-end car for a test drive, neither he nor the car returned to the dealership.


This Audi RS3 Sedan was not returned to the dealership after a test drive.

Freiburg Police Headquarters

  • In Albbrook (D), the eye-catching blue Audi loaned for a test drive no longer shows up at the car dealership.

  • The perpetrator is said to be a 41-year-old Croatian.

  • Witnesses who can testify are asked to contact the police.

In Albbruck/Bad Säckingen (D) last Saturday around 12.50pm, a three-year-old blue Audi RS3 sedan was “borrowed” from a car dealership for a test drive. Since the driver left the shop with the car for a test drive, the car was No longer returned He was. When the return did not occur at 1:30pm as agreed and employees became suspicious, the car dealership called the police. The current value of the car is approximately 48,000 euros.

According to current knowledge, the driver is a 41-year-old Croatian who lives abroad. He is described as being around 1.70 meters tall, with short hair and gray roots. He is also said to have been wearing a light gray checkered suit that day and the car had so-called red “dealer license plates” on it when leaving the store. The car was in the area on the day of the crime as part of the investigation They are still living been spotted. According to the latest information, no new information was received about the disappearance of the car after a 20-minute request from the Freiburg police headquarters. The perpetrator and his car are still on the run.

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The Waldhut-Tiengen Criminal Investigation Department has taken over the case and is looking for witnesses who noticed the car or who could even give statements about the perpetrator. Witnesses are asked to contact the Waldshut-Tiengen Criminal Police on +49 7741 8318-0.

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