May 27, 2024

Bacteria cooled the tiny planet Mars

Bacteria cooled the tiny planet Mars

A team of researchers has come to the conclusion that bacteria can be present on the small planet Mars – similar to those on Earth.


The basics in brief

  • Bacteria may be present on Mars.
  • This is with similar developments on the ground.
  • But with different consequences.

According to current knowledge, 3.7 billion years ago, favorable conditions for microbial life prevailed on Mars.

Whether there are microbes between then Conditions that could develop further were investigated by an international research team. On the small planet Mars it could be similar to the one on a land Bacteria dominate. These feed on hydrogen and produce methane.

Bacteria cooled young Mars

But as Nature Astronomy reports, the bacteria have deteriorated their living conditions.

on me a land The methane produced by the bacteria stabilizes the temperature of the atmosphere. While Mars cooled by about 40 degrees.

Due to cooling, organisms cannot spread to the surface and They migrated to deeper layers of rock.

The different composition of the atmospheres of two planets explains the different interaction of methane. “In an atmosphere dominated by carbon dioxide like Mars, hydrogen produces a stronger greenhouse effect than methane.” said Boris Soteri of the University of Arizona.

Dir methane production and degradation So hydrogen led to cooling.

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