October 1, 2023


Back to a healthy path

The book’s title almost sounds pretentious – as if we just have to apply the only correct formula and we’ll have all the major problems on this planet under control. That’s right: Science offers enough approaches to lead the world on a healthy path and align the economy in a sustainable and environmental way. What is lacking is consistent application and political will. Ulrich Eberl clearly presents all of these artistic methods in his book.

He divided them into nine problem areas: energy supply, mobility, urban development, species extinction, agriculture, health – and last but not least, rapidly changing society. Climate change does not have a chapter of its own, but it runs like a red thread throughout the entire book. Because global warming is forcing society to open up new horizons at almost every level – for example in construction, where a stable circular economy is required.

The book is very timely. Eberl has looked at new studies with great interest and presents current numbers. He benefits from his experience as a long-term spokesperson for Daimler and Siemens. He also succeeded in preparing the topics in a very understandable way.

Anyone looking for a comprehensive overview of the scientific and technical achievements to solve global problems is in the right place with this book. However, it does not provide a political and economic analysis.Klaus Jacob

Ulrich Eberl
Our survival formula
Piper, 416 p. , 24 euros, –
ISBN 978-3492-07085-0