June 22, 2024

Questions on questions in Jenny's stomach

Questions on questions in Jenny’s stomach

WThe flag isn’t a heavy burden, which is why the cargo ship Jenny, renamed MS Wissenschaft, with its shallow haul, had no problems mooring at the Köln-Düsseldorfer-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft diagonally opposite Biebrich Castle in Wiesbaden on Friday despite its drop. Water. The first curious were eagerly waiting on the banks of the Rhine to explore the new “Wanted” exhibition supported by the Federal Research Ministry. Above all, this visitors encounter many questions: about social cohesion, about the future of taxis in Germany, about language. There is even a “top ten” list, with the question of the contents of the black hole at the top. Only then the number of universes appears, followed by the more mundane question: Which country has the most vegetables? There is no answer to every question in the 103-meter belly of the ship, but there are many. Also on the backs of the Asian tiger mosquito, which spreads rapidly along the Rhine and becomes increasingly troublesome. It’s also exciting to hear stories from the scientific world, like that of Bjela König of the Polarstern Arctic expedition team, when a polar bear alarm suddenly went off. But above all, it is how each individual can contribute to solving the mysteries of this world. This is the gist of the message on board, and even those who self-identify as “citizen science types” turn out to be “couch potatoes” have a good chance of discovering the world from home. The ship is in Biebrich through Monday and includes Eltville and Mainz also stops at the beginning of September.