Austrian ice hockey team travels to the World Cup with three tons of luggage

For Austria, the 2022 World Cup adventure began on Tuesday. After an unfortunate 3-1 draw at Schwenningen in the last friendly match against Germany, the team had the day off and traveled from Zurich to Helsinki at 10:30 am. The players spent a few hours of free time in the Finnish capital before heading to the stadium in Tampere on Wednesday. In the afternoon, Austria steps on the ice for the first time at the cutting-edge Nokia circuit and begins the tournament against Sweden on Saturday.


Earlier players, the material was in Finland. Except for the player’s bags, the items were transported with a chauffeur and a trolley. A member of the association traveled 26 hours through Estonia and took the ferry to Helsinki.

Anyone who was already in a room could count what comes together: the grinding machine alone weighs 50kg, the four glove dryers 120kg or the fourteen fans each. Then each of the 25 players planned ten rackets for seven matches. At 150 kg, these alone make up a good portion of the three-ton total.

According to confirmed rumors, there are also a few drinks from Austria on board the carrier. Austria wants to be able to toast after the duel with Great Britain.

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