December 8, 2023

Apple wants to update iPhones in the store


Annoying software updates after buying an iPhone? Apple wants to cancel it

In the future, Apple wants to provide iPhones with the necessary software updates in the box. This eliminates the hassle of updating new devices after purchase for users.


Can we avoid the hassle of software updates after purchasing an iPhone in the future?

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  • Apple wants to update iPhones before they go on sale.

  • A new system will update smartphones directly in the store, according to

  • Cell phones don’t even need to be taken out of the package.

  • Apple wants to ensure important security updates before launching them for the first time.

Buying a new smartphone takes just a few seconds. But the entire process of turning on a new cell phone may take several hours. This includes setup, data transfer, Update accounts and update the operating system. Apple wants to save new iPhone buyers the last one in the future. The technology company has reportedly developed a system through which smartphones can be updated while they are in the package, according to a report by

This is how the box update works

The iPhone 15 is delivered with the latest iOS 17 operating system – but there have already been three further updates since sales began. 17.0.3 is the latest version. According to Apple, these updates are essential because they contain important bug fixes, security updates, and Aimed at making sure that the cell phone no longer overheats. According to, Apple now wants to have all available updates on the smartphone right from the start, so that buyers don’t have to pay extra attention after purchasing it.

iPhones and other Apple devices can therefore be updated directly in the Apple Store before they are sold. This should be made possible by a special device that can update multiple iPhones at once. “The system can wirelessly turn on iPhones, update software, and safely turn them off again — all while the phones are still in the box,” Apple specialist Mark Gurman said in a blog post on

Apple is expected to launch this system in Apple Stores by the end of the year. It has not yet been confirmed whether Swiss stores will also offer box updates for iPhones. However, the letter does not mention any regional restrictions.

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