Android updates: Google Android 12 versions, Samsung and Xiaomi await beta tests


Google phones are receiving a big update this week with Android 12. On the other hand, Samsung and Xiaomi have new beta versions of their internal user interfaces pending.

Google is in the process of rolling out Android 12, and Samsung and Xiaomi are still testing the new operating system. (Source: Google)

  • Google releases Android 12, Samsung distributes new One UI 4.0 beta
  • Xiaomi could release a beta version of MIUI 13 this year.
  • We have summarized this week’s most important Android updates for you.

Received this week cell phone from google browser The Android 12 update. Samsung Releases a new beta version of the OneUI 4.0 user interface while it’s in the xiaomi There are rumors about the start of the beta version of MIUI 13.

Below we give you an overview of this week’s top Android updates.

google browser

American company Google is finally distributing the new Android 12 operating system for pixel phones.

In addition, it can Google will release a beta of the next version, Android 12.1, this year. This should contain many innovations for foldable smartphones.


Samsung is launching it now The third beta version of the new user interface One UI 4.0. This is available in Korea. The update should also be available in this country in a few weeks. The final version could appear in December.

With Trick you can actually install Android 12 on Galaxy S10 right now. The custom ROM “LineageOS 19.0” makes this possible. Most of the functionality should be available, more will be added with subsequent updates.

From winter 2021, you should also be able to identify yourself with your Galaxy smartphone and use e-government functions. Samsung already started a project in 2018 with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Construction and Internal Affairs (BMI), the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the Federal Printing Office, as well as Deutsche Telekom Security and Governikus.


Rumors say that Xiaomi may release the beta version of MIUI 13 later this year. However, it is likely that this will only be the case in China, and it is likely that the beta version will appear in this country only in 2022.

In addition, she has Vivo reveals the Android phones from the manufacturer Android 12 that will receive.

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