October 5, 2023

xQc blasts McCree's new name in Overwatch

xQc blasts McCree’s new name in Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment revealed this week That McCree’s character has it Remember and see You’ll finally see her name change to “Cole Cassidy” in a new update next week. As expected, a lot Remember and see Soon, fans had their own opinions about the new name of the character, with many claiming that they did not like the change. Perhaps no one had a stronger opinion on the name change than the current Twitch star and former professional Remember and see Polish player Felix “xQc”.

In a recent broadcast on his Twitch channel, his audience xQc informed that Blizzard McCree is the new name for . announce Remember and see. When he did research on the ad himself, xQc thought he was playing a joke. “Who is this f**k?” He asked when he saw the new name. “It’s kind of a joke, man. Is that real? Cole Cassidy?”

xQc went on to say that he doesn’t think many legacy players will stick with this new name and that they will simply continue to refer to McCree as McCree instead. “No one will ever use that name,” he said emphatically. That’s a sentiment a number of other fans have continued to express on social media since Blizzard revealed that Cole would be Cassidy Macri’s new identity. It remains to be seen if these promises will be fulfilled.

When it comes to changing McCree’s actual name, it happens Remember and seeBlizzard has announced that it will release a new update next Tuesday, October 26, to make the switch official. So, if you still have a strong feeling that McCree is keeping his original name, you only have a few days to keep him reflected in the game.

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Do you agree with xQc in this long time? Remember and see Maybe players won’t refer to Macri as Cole Cassidy? Or are you a fan of the new name Cowboy instead? Let me know what you think in the comments or contact me on Twitter at Trustworthy.

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