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An Italian city imposes harsh penalties – even for slippers

An Italian city imposes harsh penalties – even for slippers

08/19/2023, 11:17 a.m08/19/2023, 12:57 PM

Natalie Trabi / watson.de

For many, vacation means finally relaxing, letting your soul loose, and above all, not being bound by any obligations. The fact that many tourists like to take this to an extreme is now known from party strongholds like Ballermann.

Accordingly, many municipalities, especially in southern Europe, have begun to restore order in their cities with certain rules for tourists. One Italian place is now going so far as to enforce regulations on a dress code for its visitors.

Vacationers face fines for walking barefoot

Specifically, the new regulation says that in the city of Forio, on the island of Ischia in the Gulf of Naples, no one is allowed to wear a swimsuit. Accordingly, penalties are imposed on those who walk in the old town with bare feet or in slippers.

The island of Ischia in the Gulf of Naples.Image: shutterstock

In addition, walking around society with his bare chest would also be punished in the future. Depending on the offense, fines for tourists should range between 25 and 500 euros.

The recently published list also contains regulations on public behavior in the city. For example, smokers can be fined if they carelessly throw cigarette butts on sidewalks.

Families with children should also prepare for a trip to the island of Ischia in the future. Because playing with balls in the middle of furio is considered misconduct, as is leaving gum on the floor.

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The Italian municipality enacts a ban on alcohol in public places

Perhaps the biggest limitation, however, follows Ballerman’s example. Henceforth, alcoholic beverages may not be consumed in public in Forio, unless it is a gastronomic establishment.

Ischia isn’t the first place in Italy to extract the consequences of a major visitor rush. While some beaches in Sardinia, for example, now charge admission to visit, the number of daily beach visitors is restricted even on the offshore island of Caprera. In some areas of the country, vehicles with foreign license plates are not permitted in the summer months.

Ischia is popular with vacationers for its beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque coastline. For an island vacation off the west coast of Italy, you’ll first have to drive or fly to Naples and catch a ferry from there.

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