June 22, 2024

Amnesty report on Eritrea's involvement in atrocities in Ethiopia - News

Amnesty report on Eritrea’s involvement in atrocities in Ethiopia – News


Amnesty International speaks of systematic killings in the Tigray region – carried out by forces from Eritrea.

There have been reports of human rights violations since the beginning of the bloody conflict in the breakaway Tigray region in northern Ethiopia. Now, in its latest report, Amnesty International talks about atrocities that “are alleged to be classified as war crimes and crimes against humanity”.

The atrocities occurred last weekend in November of last year. A few weeks ago, the Ethiopian government headed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali sent its army to Tigray. Telephone and internet connections were cut off. Journalists, independent observers, and aid organizations are no longer allowed entry.

But there were rumors of a massacre on 28 and 29 November in Axum, the holy city of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Hundreds of civilians were said to have been killed in the streets and churches.

Alleged report of war crimes

The Associated Press quoted witnesses who confirmed these rumors a few days ago. Human Rights Watch Amnesty International spoke to eyewitnesses and survivors and came to the conclusion that there were systematic killings and extrajudicial executions carried out by forces from neighboring Eritrea.

And Amnesty speaks of alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity and condemns the Ethiopian armed forces that indiscriminately bombed the city of Axum in previous days.

It appears that the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea are unaffected by these allegations. According to Amnesty International, Addis Ababa has not yet responded to the report, and the Eritrean Information Minister rejected the reports of the massacre, describing them as “shameful lies” of the Associated Press.

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