October 1, 2023

Americans living in the UK are confused as to why bus stops are in the 'wrong' direction

Americans living in the UK are confused as to why bus stops are in the ‘wrong’ direction


An American was puzzled as to why UK bus stops are ‘in the wrong direction’ – certainly mocked by Brits.

The UK-based American citizen is immersed in culturally shocking moments after moving across the pool.

Previously, they were confused as to why some supermarkets have clock towers, and why trees are “caged” in small cages.

But this time the American, who was posting under the username ிகswfinds, was completely shocked by the bus stops.

They found that some UK bus stops were facing the wrong path and that the seats were facing the road rather than the road.

At some bus stops, the seats are off the road (Image: swfinds / TikTok) Read more Related Articles

Unfortunately for the Americans, they admitted to missing three buses on the same day because they did not face the bus lane.

In the thousands-viewed TikTok clip, they asked: “When all the bus stops in the UK point out the wrong way, how do people in the UK know when their bus will arrive?”

The American filmed the London bus stop, which had glass board and shelter covering the red bus stop bench.

Thus, prospective passengers, they can not sit and watch the bus coming.

Instead of giving the right answers, some Brits chose to make fun of the reasons behind the ‘wrong’ stop.

Remember to extend your hand! (Image: Getty Images / iStockPhoto)

One person laughed: “Once we’ve been born here, they’ve put microchips in our brains so we can identify buses, and our tea will be cold.”

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Another user joked, “Bus drivers are indicated by direct eye contact, so you have to face the wrong direction and wait for it to arrive.”

One-third joked: “Buses are not coming.”

Fortunately for the Americans, they were able to get the right information from other users.

One user shared: “Puddles protect us from cars splashing. Be wise.”

This person noted, “It rains a lot, so if there is a puddle, a car will not spray water on you.”

As this user points out, “there is a table.”

And someone sternly remarked, “We have a hand called ears, eyes and throat.”

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