May 19, 2024

All information and rumors about the new version, story, platforms, etc

At least that's what Zidane looks like in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, can we expect similar graphics to the FF9 remake?
At least that's what Zidane looks like in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, can we expect similar graphics to the FF9 remake?

A remake of classic RPG Final Fantasy 9 has been rumored for years, with the title first appearing in Nvidia's big GeForce NOW leak in September 2021, from which several games have since been confirmed – most recently Dragon's Dogma 2.

So far, Square Enix has not announced anything official about the FF9 remake, but new rumors appear regularly. We summarize it for you here.

When will Final Fantasy 9 Remake be announced?

So far we can only speculate, but the teaser recently came from an official source, namely from FF14 and FF16 producer Naoki Yoshida. He had the following to say about the upcoming FF14 expansion Dawntrail (via Gimatsu):

You may have noticed quite a few references to Final Fantasy 9 here… but the reason behind that is a mystery.

An announcement in 2024 is therefore entirely conceivable.

When will Final Fantasy 9 Remake be released?

There is no official information about this matter yet, as Square Enix has not announced the new version yet. According to ResetEra/Reddit leaker”I'm a hero too“, who had already previously leaked the Persona 3 remake, the release was originally meant to be for Summer 2024 It was planned. Since the game still needs some fine-tuning, it may be possible to push the date back.

Leaker Silknigth says the remake has had difficulties in development and may have to undergo “radical changes” which means we won't hear about the game again for a few years.

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What platforms will Final Fantasy 9 Remake come to?

Of course, there is no official information here yet. Considering the recent Final Fantasy games, it is of course obvious that the remake will be released for PlayStation 5. Leaker I'm A Hero Too also says that FF9 is complete In the spirit of Sony And certainly not for switching.

This statement contradicts Silk night. According to the leaker, the release was originally planned (also) at least for the Nintendo Switch. However, insiders don't know if the remake is now planned for Nintendo's next console.

Is there a trailer for Final Fantasy 9 Remake?

We can sum it up here: No, as of now there is no trailer or teaser for Final Fantasy 9 Remake.

What's new in Final Fantasy 9 Remake?

Here too we have had to rely on leaks so far. According to alleged information from Silknigth, the FF9 Remake will stay as close to the original as possible and will have a much lower budget than the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. However, it must be more than just an edited version, like a journalist and insider Jeff Group It has already been confirmed.

Recently there was also a leak I'm a hero too Comment on the gameplay and explain it to us There is no new gameplay like FF7 Remake, but the traditional combat system Expect.

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What is the Final Fantasy 9 Memoria project?

Pictures of FF9 characters and wallpapers with great graphics have been floating around the internet for some time. However, these are not official photos, but that Memory fan project:

Here fans have recreated parts of the original in Unreal Engine 5. However, this is not intended to be a playable title; Rather, the demo created here is a kind of love letter to the original. So it has nothing to do with a potential remake – but in our opinion it's still worth investigating by fans.