Delete large space in Play Store, which puts file managers at risk

Google has drastically reduced the directory apps that can be accessed on your Android 11 phone by less than New storage spaceAnd it’s a change for the better in terms of privacy. However, the new system is a problem for some advanced applications such as file managers. When they target the latest Android version, they will not be able to access all of your phone’s internal storage, making it unusable for the purpose for which it was created. To prevent many apps from crashing, Google has started emailing developers with apps that need access to device storage to let them know that they will soon have a new permission to access all files that can be requested.

Email messages were first detected by XDA. It is said that the permit has been affected Access to all files or MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE It was reintroduced when Android 11 was first launched, but Google initially banned third-party developers from using it. The company initially wanted to set up a process to prevent developers from abusing the authorization. Emails for developers and newcomers Support page It found that Google is finally opening up an application process for it that allows developers to request a waiver based on the purpose for which their apps were designed in the first place. Allowed applications include file managers, backup and restore applications, antivirus services, document management applications, device search, encryption, and phone transfer services.

For now, these apps can only overcome the new restrictions by targeting Android 10 instead of Android 11. However, this is an option that is only viable until May 5th. Then, all of these apps should target Android 11 – as indicated in the email sent by Google. We previously assumed Google would put this in place Deadline for NovemberHowever, it appears that for unknown reasons, the company decided to raise the date to May. With such a short deadline, many developers will try to make the required changes to the code and to deliver the ad.

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The company is under huge pressure this time to highlight the approval process as these types of exceptions have been messed up in the past. It broke several legitimate apps with a similar policy change Information on SMS and call permissions Back in 2018. Given the short-term waivers to Scoped Storage in May, it looks like Google is on track to replicate some of these errors again.

At least one thing is for sure: the upcoming new ruling will eliminate a lot of bad actors using permission to spy on you or take over your data as Google has to coordinate apps that get an exception and those that don’t.

This is where developers receive emails literally as they are Reddit::

Starting May 5th, you should tell us why your app needs adequate access to storage space

We’ve noticed that your app contains requestLegacyExternalStorageflag in the manifest file for one or more app bundles or APKs.

Developers with apps on Android 11+ devices should use Scoped Storage to give users more control over accessing their device’s storage space. To share your app on Android 11 or later after May 5, you must either:

Update your app to use privacy-friendly best practices like Storage Access Framework or Media Store API

Update your app to declare permission to access all files (MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) in the manifest file and complete the permission statement for all files in the Play Console starting May 5th.

Completely remove the permission to access all files from your app

For Android 11 apps, requestLegacyExternalStorageflag is ignored. Permission must be used to access all files to ensure broad access.

Apps that request access to unauthorized use permission will be removed from Google Play and you will not be able to publish updates.

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