Alisha Lehmann gets her own FIFA 23 shirt

“Brave Rose” set

As the first Swiss football star – Alesha Lehmann to receive her FIFA jersey

Alisha Lehmann is under contract with Aston Villa, plays for the Swiss national team, and is a social media star. And now you also get honors in the game “FIFA 23”.


This goal from Alicia Lehman went around the world.


  • Alisha Lehmann recently delighted millions of fans with a Rabona goal.

  • Now she is very honored.

  • The 24-year-old received Alisha Lehmann’s outfit for the FIFA 23 soccer game.

Things are going really well for Alisha Lehman. The 24-year-old finished fifth in the Women’s Premier League with Aston Villa and has also impressed for the national team in friendlies against China and Iceland. Added to this is her Rabona goal, which she managed and which has simultaneously been clicked over twelve million times on Insta. At 20 minutes, she said it happened during training And I haven’t tried it for a long time. Was it your first attempt? “Yes.”

now the national star, He is also a star on social mediaAnother honor bestowed. Alisha Lehmann’s outfit is now available in FIFA 23 soccer game. In addition to the “Brave Rose” kit – as it’s called – a matching stadium or logo design is also available.

Here you can see Alisha Lehman’s outfits.


“just believe in yourself”

Lyman Saeed: “I loved the outfit straight away.” looks good. “The story behind it shows who I am,” she continues. “The rose connects me with my mom and my sister, and we all have tattoos on it.” Therefore, the rose means family, joy and growing together for her. She wrote in Insta: “Just believe in yourself and your dreams can come true.”

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When asked, EA Sports said: “We set ourselves the goal of promoting women’s football and empowering women around the world. Alisha Lehmann is confident in a male-dominated sport and doesn’t shy away from any obstacles.”

The video game developer also told 20 Minutes that although many of EA Sports’ partners already have their own line-up, Lehmann is the first Swiss soccer star to date. In the league, Lehmann continues to face Tottenham on Sunday. The truth, then, is that she will not be wearing the pink shirt, but rather the regular Aston Villa shirt.

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