December 4, 2023

Albert gets up close and personal with this beauty

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Sports connect Albert and Charlene Monaco. In reality. Because at the prestigious Ryder Cup golf tournament, the prince appeared next to another woman.

ROME – Charlene Wittstock (45) and famous bachelor Albert von Monaco (65) met at a swimming competition in Monaco in 2000. The then professional swimmer captured the heart of the Monaco playboy and became Princess Charlene of Monaco when she married in 2011. In their volatile relationship, One thing has always been constant: a love of sports. But now Albert II is starring alongside another lady – in a golf tournament of all places.

Charlene Monaco is blonde again, but Albert is having fun with an Italian brunette

At a charity golf tournament in Monaco at the beginning of September, Prince Albert of Monaco went out of his way for Charlene, and the princess even picked up the golf club herself, to the applause of spectators, and then received a kiss from her husband. The busy King of Monaco traveled to the Ryder Cup, a multi-day top-tier golf tournament between the best players in Europe and the USA, without Charlene, but that did not dampen his great mood.

Prince Albert did not have to do without the company of women. Casually wearing a Ryder Cup hat and polo shirt, Albert was in the stands cheering on Team Europe, and next to him was an equally athletic-dressed woman with a bright smile and long brown hair. The woman with whom Albert got on so well in Charlene’s absence that the two couldn’t stop laughing was Lavinia Biagiotti (44), president of the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club in the Rome town of Gedonia-Monticlio, where the Ryder Cup was held this year.

Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup was first played in 1927, then in Worcester, Massachusetts, between players from Great Britain and the United States. Since then, the Team Golf Championship has been held every two years, with some exceptions. Since 1979, the Great Britain team has expanded into Europe, changing venues between continents. In statistics, Team USA leads by two ties (1969 and 1989).

Charlene and Albert Monaco: More relaxed when traveling separately?

Lavinia is the daughter of the famous Italian fashion designer Laura Biagiotti (73, † 2017), who now leads her empire. Prince Albert and Lavinia Biagiotti always had reason to celebrate at the Ryder Cup, and this time Team Europe emerged as the winners of the golf tournament. But other than that, the two seem to get along very well; You rarely see Albert and Charlene so relaxed and at ease.

Left is Lavinia Biagiotti and Prince Albert at the 2023 Ryder Cup in Rome, and on the right is Charlene Monaco 2023 at Toulonet Rugby Club.
Photos of Prince Albert and Biagiotti heiress Lavinia (left) are likely a stab in the heart for Charlene of Monaco. (Photo montage) © IMAGO/IPA Sport/ZUMA Wire

It is not an easy situation for the princess, who suffers from the way she is portrayed in front of the public. Monaco player Charlene said in a recent interview: “If there are a thousand pictures of me at an event, they choose a picture where I am looking down or not smiling, and then they say I look embarrassed or unhappy.” News24. An external perception also shared by body language expert Judy James, who tears down the last romantic appearance of Charlene and Albert Monaco. Scenes like those of Albert and Lavinia at the Ryder Cup are unlikely to help boost the princess’s self-confidence. Sources used: Instagram

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