June 14, 2024

AI Extension for SitaWare Headquarters - The Mirror of Authorities

AI Extension for SitaWare Headquarters – The Mirror of Authorities

In the future, AI will help further improve awareness of conditions. (Photo: BS/Systematic)

SitaWare headquarters gets a new add-on to use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the COP for accuracy and multi-source integration.

“On the battlefield today there is an increasing number of sensors and tracking systems such as radars, sonar and ESM sensors. Each of these systems detects and tracks objects within its area of ​​influence,” describes Henrik Sommer, Defense Director of Systematic. “Many have overlapping monitoring ranges and the same fix is ​​logged multiple times. This results in a number of duplicate fixes being reported for C4ISR systems, creating a muddled and confusing picture of leaders when presented in this “raw” form. To avoid this situation, all fixes must be identified duplicate and combine its information into a single trace.”

Leveraging a variety of sensing and communication standards, the Fusion add-on performs rapid kinematic analysis of paths to identify duplicates before performing correlation analysis of paths to alert the user of conflicting paths.

The technology has already been used and proven in the maritime sector to support SitaWare Maritime. SitaWare’s principal Fusion has worked with sensors and open source data feeds to track ships or identify unusual behavior.

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