February 29, 2024

Adventure Türkiye – Künzler: Playing with stress, language problems and lack of visits home – Sports

Turkey Adventure – Kunzler: Playing with stress, language problems and lack of visits home – Sports – SRF

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Laura Kunzler was looking for a new challenge in the Turkish League. How does a national team player deal?

Laura Kunzler has been working abroad for 7 years. After spells in Germany and France, the national team's outside forward faced a special challenge last summer: the Aargau-based player moved to Nilufer Belediyespor in the Turkish top-tier league.

The pace of the game was especially high in the autumn: the team from the large city of Bursa, south of Istanbul, participated in three competitions and constantly had “English weeks”. Hence visits to the home are hardly possible.

Communicating with his teammates isn't easy either. The official training language is English, but Turkish players of course speak their native language to each other. “It was unusual, especially at the beginning, not to understand what it was about,” Kunzler admits.

In the audio above you will also hear:

  • Who can Kunzler particularly rely on on the team?
  • The person important to her was only able to visit her during the Christmas holidays.
  • Whether there will be an extension this summer.

SRF Radio 1, Evening Bulletin, February 12, 2024, 6:45pm;

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