The Biggest Sporting Event Without a Sport: The NFL’s Unbridled Greed for Draft Victory

The biggest sporting event without a sport
The NFL’s unbridled greed for a draft win

Written by David Ndi

Three days of contingency: When the league’s top talent is selected in the NFL Draft, preference is never too high. Why were millions watching a sporting event without a single second? The phenomenon of hope hovers over everything — and greed for the next Tom Brady.

As Europeans cross the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries toward what will become the United States, they are driven by faith and hope. Faith and hope for a better world. Many of the first discoverers and settlers dream of finding an earthly paradise or even a restored Garden of Eden in the “New World”. Colonial myths of this kind persist in American culture to this day, and the United States is considered the land of “unlimited opportunity.” Where the almost impossible becomes possible.

And that fantasy is what the NFL Draft is all about. Friday night begins again, the biggest sporting event in the world, where not a single second of sport can be seen. It is about greed in the big catch. The hope is in a better world, in this case a football team that can win the Super Bowl. Challenge all other teams and tribulations and change the future of the entire franchise, city and league with the choice of a single player. We believe yes we can!

Broadcasting the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is broadcast on NITRO & RTL+ at a glance:

FridayApril 28, 12:30 a.m.: Draft Day 1 on free TV on NITRO and live on RTL+

SaturdayApril 29, 12:30 a.m.: Draft Day 2 live on RTL+

SaturdayApril 29, 6 p.m.: Draft Day 3 in the United States original broadcast on RTL+

The NFL Draft is about a golden opportunity to land the next Tom Brady, the next Patrick Mahomes, the next superstar. Over the course of three days, the league’s 32 teams select the best young stars from their college teams for their squad. Each team receives a selection in each of the seven selection rounds (Miami has nothing in the first round this year). The order of selection is in reverse order of placement in the previous season, each round beginning with the club with the worst record and ending with the Super Bowl champion. However, teams can also negotiate a deal before and during draft days and trade draft picks (including those for upcoming years) or current NFL players. Therefore, if a team’s favorite player is drawn before it is their turn, it is possible for teams to trade their high picks directly on draft day, with teams with the picks offering bundles of players and picks from the next day. A great sight: phone lines are glowing every year, and crazy situations are inevitable.

Poker about Brady and Co.

The draft is a poker game. Cards have been reshuffled. Drama, destinies and legends – a gamble on perceived and missed opportunities. Above all, the phenomenon of hope hovers over the draft. One new player can change everything. He can put together a good team in a title contender. He can even turn a losing team into a Super Bowl winner. This is the reality. It happens all the time in the NFL, the best football league in the world. This is why the National Football League draft is so important, crazy and mystical. Anything is possible, everything is conceivable. That’s how they like it in the United States.

Of course, the Super Bowl’s Kansas City Chiefs still have superstar Mahomes in their ranks. No matter how last season went, all teams are now starting over to some degree. The draft is the only time of the year that each team believes they have a realistic chance of coming out on top. Because even if the Los Angeles Rams win the NFL title through trading strategy, i.e. players by swapping out other players or draft picks, the 32 franchises mostly build their teams through the draft. And American football is a sport that can be changed in just one year. For example, thanks to the selection – as they say in the States – the talent of a generation. It has happened many times.

Finally, there is the story of Tom Brady. The retired Superstar playmaker has now shown what can be done with the draft. At 199th in the sixth round, he tied the 2000–leading New England Patriots to sixth and leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl title. Fellow quarterback Aaron Rodgers, considered by some to be more talented, was selected just 24th overall by the Green Bay Packers in 2005. Last season, youngster Brock Purdy made a name for himself when he led the San Francisco 49ers into the NFC Championship Game as “Mr. .

Millions of fans are spinning the wheel

This year clearly shows how greedy the star is for teams. As the weakest team last season, the Chicago Bears most often have the first choice for selecting quarterback talent. This year, Bryce Young (Alabama), C.J. Stroud (Ohio State), Will Levis (Kentucky) and Anthony Richardson (Florida) stand out. But because the Bears believe in young quarterback Justin Fields (11th pick in the 2021 draft), they offered their first pick in this year’s draft in return. The Caronlina Panthers hit — and waived their top wide receiver, DJ Moore, a first-round pick in 2024 and a second-round pick from 2023 and 2025. It’s all for the hope of getting the pick on the team.

Because of this quest to improve the team, millions of fans are spinning the wheel not only in the three draft days, but long before that. At the Combine public college talent training sessions, where they do things like sprint, jump or throw and catch balls, millions have listened. The concept was conceived by legions of PR folks — the NFL has the best in the country, of course — to keep fans busy during the off-season.

When the drawing finally comes around, it becomes the largest non-sporting event in the world. Then more people turn on TV on the three draft days—even though not a single second of sports flashes across the screen—than on real sporting events in other American leagues. Thousands of fans live there live on site. crazy. The viewership of the 2022 draft was one lowest level in five years, but still averaged 10 million good tunes on day one (up from 15.6 million in 2020). For comparison, the 2022 NBA Finals was watched by an average of 12.4 million viewers in the United States. The NFL Player’s Draw is one of the most watched programs in the spring each year, regardless of the sport.

Hope prevails in the NFL Draft

College talent drag has become something of a reality TV series. With pre-programmed action and drama, the rules state that each club has only ten minutes to make potentially historic selections. The first session alone takes over four hours. And everyone wants to be there. The draft connects college football fans with NFL fans. The former wants to know where his favorite players are headed, and the latter what talents will make their team better.

When the NFL Draft goes down that night, the league will launch another massive PR show. And fans will love the drama and the scenes. Because the firm conviction that everything is really possible sleeps in every person. Hope your club lands the next superstar — and with it at some point, stretch the Vince Lombardi trophy into the Super Bowl evening sky.

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